Contact Lenses: Past and Future
Many are surprised to learn that contact lenses have been around since the late 1920's.  However they were made entirely of glass, and covered the entire eye, not just the cornea as they do today.  This was uncomfortable to say the least!  Even by the 1970's, contact lenses were made of a hard plastic that made it impossible for a patient's eye to receive oxygen to "breathe".  The cornea needs to take in oxygen, expel carbon dioxide, and remain wet to function comfortably and properly. 
During the 1970's though, new materials were developed for contacts that allowed them to breathe (gas permeable), and function well in a wet environment (hydrophilic).  Contact lenses are now quite popular, worn by approximately 30 million people in the USA alone.  We hope the following pages answer all the questions you may have about contact lenses:
Soft Contact Lenses- Daily Wear
Soft Contact Lenses-Extended Wear
Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
Disposable Contact Lenses
Caring For And Wearing Contact Lenses
Helpful tips for contact lens users.
Glasses or Contacts?
Explains the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses vs. eyeglasses.
FAQ's About Contact Lenses
Frequently asked questions about contact lenses.
Getting Used To Contact Lenses
How long does it take to get accustomed to hard or soft contact lenses?
Can Babies, Children And/Or The Elderly Wear Contacts?
It certain cases, it is actually recommended.
Contact Lenses: The Future
Explores fictional and factual advances in contact lens technology.
Welcome to the contact lens information gateway page!  Here you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about contact lenses. 
Types Of Contact Lenses:
Contact Lenses: The Past
A bit about the history of contacts.
Before You Buy:
Inserting And Removing Contact Lenses
How to safely insert and remove hard and soft contacts.
Contact Lenses:
Past And Future
After You Buy:
Tinted Contact Lenses
Change Your Look With Colored Contacts
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