As long as your lenses have been fitted well, your eyes are moist enough and you don't develop any irritating condition, you should get used to hard lenses in three to four weeks.  Successful hard lens wearers can then keep them in all day, however late they stay up at night.  It does take perserverence, though, and a lot of wearers (about 30 percent) find they cannot get on with hard lenses because of the uncomfortable lens-to-lid sensation.  A softer type of hard lens may be comfortable, and if they give you proper vision your specialist may try them as an alternative.

Getting Used To Soft Contact Lenses:
It is often possible for daily wearers to keep their soft contacts in for several hours, even on the first day, and about 80 percent will adapt within one week.  The thinner, softer material makes them far less uncomfortable on the eye than a hard lens.

Getting Used To Extended Wear Contact Lenses:
These are frequently kept in for several days or even weeks from the time they are first fitted; again, one week is the average time it takes to get used to the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. 
Extended wear lenses are not suitable for everyone, although their convenience makes them the most attractive.  Even after succeeding with them at the beginning, your eyes can become intolerant so that you have to go back to another type.  Follow up visits are especially important with extended wear contact lenses.
Getting used to your contact lenses.
Getting Used To Hard Contact Lenses:
Hard contact lenses are certainly more difficult to adjust to because of the material.  The edges of the lenses can be felt against the eyelids and to begin with may make your eyes sore.  The reaction is for your eyelids to drag against the extra thickness so you want to blink repeatedly or keep your eyes half closed.  You will also find your eyes water a lot for the first few days.
If your eyes look like this, you may need to switch your contact lens type!
How long will it take for your contact lenses to become so comfortable you can even forget you are wearing them?  From the beginning, will power and determination are essential.  Long term success depends on the sensitivity of the wearer and the environment, and it also varies with the different types of lenses.
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How Long Will It Take To Get Used To My Contact Lenses?