A lazik / laser eye surgery directory, featuring clinics, locations, and cost.
A lazik / laser eye surgery directory, featuring clinics, locations, and cost.
Robbins Eye Center Customer Reviews:
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Consumer Reviews Submitted For Robbins Eye Center:
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(Added Mar 11/11) Wow. I read a couple negative reviews on here and I was shocked. I've gone to Dr. Robbins Eye Center for over 10 years since having LASIK surgery.  I have nothing but positive things to relay about my experiences there and to be quite honest with you, when it comes to MY eyes, I'd rather have a great surgeon then one with great "bedside manner."  How much does bedside manner matter when your surgery goes badly? It doesn't. A surgeon who knows their stuff is what mattered to me.  I'll worry about getting my lollipops after a dentist's office visit.  Thank you very much. I trusted my vision to the people at Robbins Eye Center because the other thing that mattered to them was the health of my eyes.  I know numerous people who were turned away by Dr. Robbins for safety issues after getting the go ahead from several other LASIK Centers. I would only recommend them for eye surgery needs as I have with several family members over the years.
(Added Nov 18/10) Went to Dr. Robbins clinic recently.  I left concerned after I was informed that LASIK wasn't a very safe alternative to glasses or contacts in my particular case.  The reason for my concern was that several other places deemed me an excellent candidate.  At Robbins, it was explained to me that my corneas were too steep for the procedure and what could occur if I choose to have LASIK.  The risk certainly did not outweigh the risk.  When I asked the other places about my cornea "steepness, " the general response was, "you should be fine."  No thank you.  If you want an honest opinion that remains in your best interest, visit the people at Robbins Eye Center.
(Added July 26/10)
The staff is marginally courteous, more clueless and somewhat argumentive than anything else, but the real problem here is Dr. Robbins.  This "goddess" will not condescend to see you before your surgery, only right before your surgery.  I insisted on seeing her though and she did speak to me, rather grudgingly.

Never again would she speak to me personally and in fact only will communicate through her untrained staff. They are not equipped to answer important questions. And in all honestly the questions I had could only be answered by her.  I never even got a chance to ask a lot of them. She even tried to get an optomotrist I had seen briefly call me and talk about it.  The optomotrist did call but the opinion was insane, pick a low level, low tech lense that had been around for years.  These two are good friends and quite blaise about the whole procedure.  Yes it is cool for you in this field, your eyes are done and you are fine but to an outsider it is a like riding on a runaway freight train.  I had lots of concerns, chief of which I feel her pressure to put on one type of lense or use a certain procedure is motivated by profit and the company supplying the lense. 

My profession calls for quite a high degree of vision, much different from the average needs, say of an elderly person and I tried to explain that to the staff and they accused me of trying to make them choose for me.  The office manager pointed out to me "well you did watch a video".  A VIDEO?!  It lasted five minutes and had a couple about 100 years old touting the virtues of the crystalens.  Well the man in it was 95% blind anyway so any surgery would of been a godsend to him.  And that was it.  I got on the internet and read so many reviews, it makes your head spin.  I never did find out from her the different types of lasik available and toric vs. crystalens, would I wear contacts afterwards if I just got the toric, yada yada...Also trying to get anyone to call you back is damn near impossible.  I was accused several times of not being here to take calls. I was here, the phone did ring and I would grab it and they would of already of hung up.  They did not try very hard and I also explained that I could not make long distance calls.  Too bad they never remembered.  I also said to communicate with me by email, it is much quicker and easier for me.  Same thing they are probably over booked and over worked so quality attention to patient suffers. The ultimate responsibility in this experience lies with Dr. Robbins.  She is the one who trains the staff and should be cognizent of how their outreach affects patients.  Also her ridiculously high handed attitude is a joke. That is so old school. Hate to tell you this but doctors are not gods.  Whether you are an eighth grade dropout or have two phd's you can still behave like an ass*&^%.  She hardly even touched on what could go wrong, it was so brief you could not catch it.   Anything can go wrong in surgery despite the best intentions and I needed to KNOW WHAT SHE WOULD DO ABOUT IT IF IT DID. Never in a million years would I of held it against her if she did her best and for whatever reason my eyes did not respond properly.

Anyway, after all this complaining and whimpering back and forth, she had her office manager call me and haughtily explain that "Dr. Robbins does not want to do your surgery, she feels you would not be happy with the results".  I was not surprised and booked another appointment with a nearby surgeon.  They are familiar with her and said others had had similar experiences.

Bottom line is, she will probably do a good job and if it turns out okay for you, you are golden.  But getting ready for it, being informed and having all your bases covered for all possible outcomes is not going to happen.  Wanna gamble with your eyes?  Call her.
(Added July 15/10) I had laser eye surgery 5 years ago.  Not a single problem.  She was efficient, understanding, and my eye healed perfectly.  Great experience overall. I also go for my regular eye exams, and they are excellent.
(Added Mar 12/10) ) Dr. Robbins has a horrible bedside manner. She yells at her staff in the middle of a very busy waiting area. She is terrible and terribly rude with the patients and I would not go back to this center.

A pinquecula developed in my eye one day prior to LASIK surgery and she wanted no part of the problem. She pushed me off to the cataract surgeon who didn't have a clue why I was instructed to put Boric Acid drops in my eye 5 days prior to surgery. When I insisted on having a follow up appt. with her, she yelled at her staff for scheduling the appt. and wouldn't address me when entering the exam room.  DON'T GO HERE!
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