The "Ames" Optical Illusion:
In the late forties, visual researcher Adelbert Ames Jr. designed a series of visual illusions to demonstrate how the mind forms hypotheses about reality and depth.  In one such illusion, Ames tested aspects of depth perception in a specially designed, distorted room.
He constructed a trapezoidal room for the observer to view by gazing through a peephole.  In reality, one corner of the room is farther from the observer than the other corner.  But when viewed from a particular angle, the room appears normal.
If a man would stand in the far corner and a small boy in the near corner, the boy appears larger than the man because of the distorted perspective.  Although the observer knows that adults are usually bigger than children, he still experiences the illusion!
The Ames Optical Illusion Room (Pretty Cool, Even With The 70's Outfits!)

How the room was constructed.
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