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Lazik & Laser Eye Surgery Clinics/Surgeons: Richmond, Virginia
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Richmond
Listed below are some of the most popular laser eye surgery clinics in Richmond, VA.  The information in each listing is provided by the clinics themselves, however all customer reviews are submitted by our visitors.  If you've had a good or bad experience at any of these laser eye surgery clinics, please submit a review.  If you don't see your clinic listed here, you can still submit a review, and we'll create a listing for you!  You can also read more general laser eye surgery reviews here.
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This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Richmond
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LASIK is a great procedure, allowing millions to see better without glasses or contacts. By introducing the groundbreaking CustomVue™ to the Central Virginia area, The LASIK Center of Virginia has made LASIK even safer and more effective.

With CustomVue™, our goal is better than 20/20! Ultimately 70% of patients obtain vision of 20/16, and 23% are 20/12 or better. Most patients can see to drive and work the very next day after surgery. CustomVue™ patients also notice less glare and night vision problems than with their corrective lenses before surgery.
Lasik Center of Virginia
8700 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 120
Richmond, VA 23235
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Richmond
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Eye Associates of Virgina are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced, progressive and highest quality eye care to enhance their way of life through improved vision.  We are committed to providing educational opportunities on eye disorders to our staff and patients.  We strive to maintain the highest ethical, professional and technical standards.  Our vision of ophthalmologic care is to keep your vision strong utilizing the highest quality of health services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We are a full service office providing comprehensive Ophthalmology, Microsurgery and Refractive Laser Surgery including Lasik and PRK.
Eye Associates Of Virginia
5875 Bremo Road
Richmond, Va. 23226 (804) 285-7533
This is a lazik eye surgery clinic directory entry.
Laser Eye Surgery Clinics: Richmond
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Lipstock LASIK and Cataract Center - The Forum
3701 Westerre Parkway
Richmond, Virginia 23233
(866) 547-7862
(804) 288-1543
Dr. Lipstock has been performing LASIK for over eight years (Virginia's first surgeon and one of the first in the U.S.). He has operated on patients from all over the U.S. and Canada. He has performed thousands of LASIK procedures carefully examining and following each and every patient himself before and after surgery.

You can be assured that Dr. Lipstock himself actively participates in the meticulous evaluation of your eyes both before and after surgery. Other highly skilled technicians and doctors may be involved in your care as well, but there is no substitute for Dr. Lipstock's in depth knowledge for your pre and postoperative evaluation.
If you're passionate about being treated by a skilled LASIK surgeon and receiving the best possible results, then choose LasikPlus for your LASIK procedure. Richmond LASIK surgeons Dr. Lustbader, Dr. Patel, and Dr. Wills are leaders in laser eye surgery.
As a LasikPlus patient, you will benefit from our experience in performing more than 800,000 laser vision correction procedures over 15 years. This experience, combined with the latest technology including Custom LASIK, ensures you obtain the best possible care.  LASIK eye surgery, performed by our Richmond surgeons, can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
LasikPlus Richmond
10571 Telegraph Road,
Richmond, Virginia 23059
(877) 350-3937
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