People who are "color blind" cannot distinguish red from green or blue from yellow.  The color blindness test below is a good indicator of whether you suffer from this common eye disorder, afflicting approximately 8% of men, and .4% of women (It is unkown why men suffer from color blindness more than women). <Correction, See Below.

Simply look at the pictures below.  Do you see just a bunch of dots, or a specific number?  Jot down what you see in each photo and compare your answers to the ones below. For a fully detailed explaination of color blindness (or colour blindness for Canada and Britain) please see
this page.  Certain animals are also known to be color blind. For details, see this page: how animals see the world.
A person with normal vision will see: A. 25/B. 6/C. 45/D. 8/E. 56/F. 29
We recently received a note from one of our visitors, who explained why more men have color blindness than women:

I am colorblind and I went to your site with the colorblindness tests, and it is stated that it is unknown why males tend to be colorblind more than women, but that isn't true. Men tend to be colorblind more than women because colorblindness is a recessive trait carried on the X Chromosome.  Women have two X chromosomes. For a daughter to be colorblind the father must be colorblind and and the mother must either be colorblind or a carrier that passes on a recessive X chromosome. Men only have one X chromosome, so the chances of being colorblind are much higher. They can't get it from their father. To become colorblind a man's mother must be colorblind or carry the recessive trait and give that X chromosome to the son.

Hope that helps,
Josh Hollifield"

Thanks for the information, Josh!
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The Ishihara Color Blindness Test:
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